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Natalia Valeeva- Italy's Legend

6 time Olympian

One of archery's most respected competitors worldwide, Natalia Valeeva has enjoyed one of the most successful careers in modern archery. Her successes have come across every event in FITA archery. She has been world outdoor champion (1995, 2007), world indoor champion (1991, 1999, 2001), European champion (2002), and World Cup stage champion (stage 1 2008). 

Valeeva also has a most unique Olympic record. 2008 was her fifth Olympic Games, the second for Italy - at her first three she competed for a different nation each time. In 1992 she won a bronze medal in the individual and a bronze medal in the team event for the Unified Team; in 1996 she placed 12th in the individual for Moldova; and in 2000 she was seventh in the individual and seventh in the team event for Italy.

In 1995, Valeeva became one of only a few archers to achieve the "FITA Double", winning both the World Indoor in Birmingham and the Outdoor in Jakarta, Indonesia.

She regained her World Indoor Title in Cuba in 1999.

Her shooting career is as strong as ever after a break from archery to have a set of twins, for a total of three children with her Italian husband, a former archer himself.

Natalia promptly came back to the sport to win the World Championship in Leipzig in 2007 and she has started the 2008 season off with a tremendous first-place finish at the World Cup event in the Dominican Republic.  She will represent Italy for an incredible fifth Olympic Games team this August in Beijing.

Natalia's bow of choice is the Hoyt Formula RX with F4 medium 46 pound limbs.  She uses Easton X10 arrow shafts, Beiter nocks, a Shibuya sight, and Easton X10 stabilizers.

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