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Hoyt Shooters on top of the World Archery Indoor Championships

Hoyt Shooters on top of the World Archery Indoor Championships


Team Hoyt Shooters Claim More Podium Positions Than All Other Bow Companies Combined

Team Hoyt shooters brought their best game to the World Archery Indoor Championships in Nimes, France, hauling medals in all four major categories (Men’s Compound, Women’s Compound, Men’s Recurve and Women’s Recurve) both individual and team competition.    


Men’s Compound

The competition started off hot with Jesse Broadwater (USA) claiming the top spot of the leader board with a monster score of 598/600. That’s like hitting a dime 58 out of 60 times, and the two he missed were only out by a whisker. Once archers are qualified, only the top 32 make the cut for the single elimination brackets. Team Hoyt shooters, Jesse Broawater (USA), Reo Wilde (USA) and Sergio Pagni (ITA) made their way through the matches and into the final four. Three-time Indoor World Champion, Wilde and Pagni went on to shoot for gold, with Pagni beating Wilde 6 to 4 set points, marking Pagni’s first individual World Championship title. All three Hoyt finalists shoot the amazingly accurate Pro Comp Elite and Pro Comp Elite XL with the one arrow hole pounding Spiral-X cams. Broadwater and Wilde (USA) also went on to win gold in the men’s team competition.


Women’s Compound

Erika Jones (USA) was the highlight of the qualification rounds with her world record setting score of 595, beating the previous record of 593 that was set in 2001. In spite of her top ranking score, Jones was eliminated in the 1/8 finals, although, three other Hoyt shooters made it to the final four, two of which were defending their own French soil, Sofie Dodemont and Pascale Lebecque (FRA) and Jeanine Van Kradenburg (RSA). Dodemont, the former French recurve archer and Beijing Bronze team medalist, proved that she can cross over to the compound side and dominated the semi-final and gold medal final to take her first World Championship title. Lebecque faced and defeated Van Kradenburg for the bronze. All three of the Hoyt finalists shoot the Pro Comp Elite series of bows. The women’s team competition was dominated by the all Hoyt team of Brenda Merino, Linda Ochoa and Rosalia Dominguez of Mexico.


Men’s Recurve

Heorhiy Ivanytskyy (UKR) was the top recurve man in qualification with an impressive 590 shooting his Hoyt Formula Recurve. Although it was his fellow teammate and Olympic Gold Medalist, Viktor Ruban (UKR) that made his way through to the gold medal match. In a close set of arrows, Ruban walked away with the Silver. After losing his semi-final to Ruban, fellow Hoyt Pro staffer, Brady Ellison (USA) made off with the Bronze. The team rounds were also dominated by the all Hoyt wielding Ukrainian Team of Heorhiy Ivanytskyy, Markiyan Ivashko and Viktor Ruban.


Women’s Recurve

Aida Roman (MEX) was a woman on a mission. She shot the top qualifying score of 585 and maintained her rank throughout the tournament and smoked the gold medal final with score of 6 to 0. Anastasia Pavlova (UKR) lost her semi-final match and went on to win the Bronze medal. In the team round action, the all Hoyt team of Anastasia Pavlova, Veronika Marchenko and Lidiia Sichenikova from Ukrain, proved to be the  best, winning the Gold medal final over GER with a 234 to 220.


Team Hoyt archers from across the globe proved once again that the way forward and number one choice of bows is Hoyt. To see the same tournament winning technologiy that's found in every Hoyt bow, visit your local Hoyt retailer.


To see complete results, news and more photos of the 2014 World Archery Indoor Championships visit www.worldarchery.org

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