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Brady Ellison and Hoyt- Best in the World

Brady Ellison and Hoyt- Best in the World


London, GBR

Brady Ellison has capped off one of the most successful seasons for any modern-day archer with yet another victory- the latest, the season's highly anticipated London Olympic Test Event- the shakedown for next year’s Summer Games.  He took this latest victory with the new Hoyt Formula HPX riser and F7 Triaxial™  Carbon Limbs, in the first public unveiling of the new 2012 Hoyt Formula gear.  For the gold finals Brady found himself up against Korean legend and current World Champion IM, Dong-Hyun, who was shooting a Formula RX/F4.    In strong, gusty winds, both shooters still scored well- but after four sets Brady took the Gold Medal, 6-2.  A decisive victory with the all-new HPX and F7 limbs for the top shooter in the world!


In recapping Brady’s 2011 season, World Archery statistician Sergio Font points out the following amazing facts about Brady and his Hoyt Formula bows:


ELLISON has competed in eight World Ranking Events in 2011: the four stages of the World Cup, the World Cup Final, the World Championships, the Arizona Cup and the London Archery Classic. He has won 34 matches out of a total of 36 events he has taken part in, for an unbelievable 94.4% of matches won. He has won 96 sets, having lost only 26 and tied 22.


His average score in 142 sets is 28.02 points, the only one over 28 points in the world this season. It is impressive to see his average scores per tournament: 27.83 in Arizona, 28.31 in Porec, 27.95 in windy Antalya, 28.52 (!!!) in Turin, 28.05 in Ogden, 28.30 in Shanghai, 27.41 in Istanbul, and 27.67 in London, where his average after the first two matches (before the wind blew stronger) was nothing less than 29.16.


ELLISON shows the highest number of 30 point sets with 16 perfect scores in the season. He has been involved in five shoot-offs, four of which he has won, and in the five cases he has scored a 10.


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