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Formula HPX and F7 Triaxial™ Carbon Limbs Redefine Recurve

Formula HPX and F7 Triaxial™ Carbon Limbs Redefine Recurve

Team Hoyt


Newest Formula Series Riser & Limbs Unveiled at London Test Event


When Hoyt introduced Formula to the world in 2010, it signaled a major shift in the recurve world.

The world's top archers, like OH, Jin-Hyuk, Viktor Ruban, Berengere Schuh, Simon Terry, Natalia Valeeva, Brady Ellison, and many others, proved the technical superiority of Formula, taking 30 times more gold medals in the introductory year of Formula than all other 2010 bows combined. 

 Brady Ellison’s historic back-to-back World Cup stage and Grand Final victories topped off dozens of trips to the podium for Formula shooters in 2010 and 2011.  Now, Hoyt advances Formula even further, raising the bar on performance and accuracy with the all-new Formula F7 limb and HPX riser. 

This week, on the first introduction of HPX/F7 to the world, Brady has proven the technical superiority of HPX with success -literally- out of the box, shooting his HPX/F7 to two Gold Medals in the London Test Event- the main test before the Olympic Games.

Earlier in the week, Korean archer and current World Champion IM Dong-Hyun used Formula to shoot the new individual 70M World Record, and participated in the Team World Record along with Formula shooter Oh, Jin-Hyuk at the London Olympic Test Event. This was after winning the very first tournament he shot with the Formula, the Korean Championships, during the previous week.  

Unquestionably, Formula has proven to be a real advancement for recurve shooters.   F7/HPX accuracy was definitively proven- immediately- by Brady Ellison winning the Gold Medal- and with teammate and HPX/F7 shooter Jake Kaminski, and Formula shooter Joe Fanchin, winning the team round Gold Medal in the London Test Event after defeating the Korean team.

 A total sweep for Hoyt shooters on the top step of the men's podium.

Formula F7 Series Limbs

The fastest Formula Series limb ever engineered, the all new F7 series uses exclusive Triaxial Carbon Technology- developed for demanding aerospace applications. F7's TriaxialAerospace Carbon laminates provide for enhanced recovery rates, optimal, tailored torsional stability, and all-temperature performance, with the lowest total mass weight of any Hoyt recurve limb ever made.  F7 is available with a crisp, fast and punchy Syntactic Core, or a smooth, quiet Hard Rock Laminated Maple Core version. 

The use of exclusive custom-formulated, Advanced Aerospace Grade Triaxial and Unidirectional Quad Carbon Laminates result in more speed, decreased sound and vibration, and an 1,000-dry-fire capability, for ultimate durability*.

FORMULA F7 Syntactic Foam Core Limb

22-50# (marked for 25” riser) in 2# increments

Short, Medium, Long- Compatible with all Hoyt Paralever System risers


FORMULA F7 Wood Core Limb

22-50# (marked for 25” riser) in 2# increments

Short, Medium, Long- Compatible with all Hoyt Paralever System risers


*All dry-fire testing is done by trained technicians with proper equipment. Dry firing (drawing and releasing a bow without an arrow) is extremely dangerous and should never be done. Hoyt’s 1,000 dry fire test and standard is for Hoyt limbs only.


Formula HPX Riser Series

HPX uses advanced geometry to increase performance without compromising accuracy, stability or shootability. Tested by some of the world’s most accomplished shooters, the new HPX geometry extracts more energy from the draw and decreases vibration at all draw lengths. HPX’s dynamics also promote faster aiming and a smoother follow-through.

HPX’s proven Paralever Limb System provides for a smooth draw allowing the choice of shorter than usual riser-limb combinations. This provides the option of more performance gain possibilities for experienced shooters. The Formula Paralever Mounting System reduces stress and vibration by up to 44%.  The Formula Paralever Design also improves the accuracy of the limb to riser fit by 50%. Like all Formula series risers, HPX features Hoyt’s Dynamic Flex Control, for enhanced riser follow-through and shot-to-shot consistency.


HPX risers are equipped with Hoyt’s new, patent pending Pro Series Limb Bolts. The Pro Series Limb Bolt features a free-floating head on a spherical bearing to provide an always-normal relationship to the limb surface.  A durable Delrin® liner isolates the limb protecting the limb finish, and eliminating stiction and resulting noise.  The full-contact surface of the bolt aids in vibration transmission and decreases point loading as well. 


HPX risers are factory equipped with the Hoyt high wrist wood grip and are compatible with all current Hoyt recurve grips.


Due to the advanced geometry of HPX, lower-than-usual brace heights can be used without compromising accuracy or clearance, adding to the potential for increased performance. 

Like the RX, the HPX is produced in 25 and 27" lengths, with the 25” HPX model having the same mass weight as the 25" Formula RX riser, and the 27” HPX version  slightly lighter in mass compared to the 27” RX. 


Due to the geometry adjustment, a minor poundage increase can be expected with shorter limb configurations.  This can easily be adjusted out within the limits of the weight adjustment system.

Available weight adjustment is approximately +/- 5% for a total range adjustment of approximately 10% from marked limb weight.  Standard limb marking is for any 25” Formula riser.  On the 27” HPX riser, subtract approximately one pound from marked weight.


 HPX Brace Height Chart

25" HPX

Bow Length

66" (Short limb)

68" (Medium limb)

70" (Long limb)

String Length

63.25" (161 cm)

65.25" (166 cm)

67.25" (171cm)

Brace Height

7.5"-8.4" (19-21cm)

8"-8.5" (20-21.5cm)

8.5"-9" (20.5-22.5cm)

27" HPX

Bow Length

68" (Short limb)

70" (Medium limb)

72" (Long limb)

String Length

65.25" (166 cm)

67.25" (171 cm)

69.25" (176 cm)

Brace Height

7.5"-8.4" (19-21cm)

8"-8.5" (20-21.5cm)

8.5"-8.87" (20.5-22.5cm)




25” 2.7 LBS. /1,224 GRAMS



27” 2.8 LBS. /1,270 GRAMS



GEOMETRY:  -0.700” from Hoyt standard

MATERIAL:  Precision Machined Aircraft Aluminum

GRIP:  Hoyt High Wrist (#8)

TILLER BOLT SYSTEM:  Pro Series Full-floating Tiller Bolt (Int’l Patent Pending)


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