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Hoyt Shooters Rock Shanghai, China

Hoyt Shooters Rock Shanghai, China


World Cup Stage 4

At the Archery World Cup Stage 4 on the banks of the river Boulevard Pudong in Shanghai, Hoyt archers meant business. Not only were archers fighting for the podium, some were there to solidify their spots for the World Cup Final, which will be held on Istanbul, Turkey later this month.

The up and coming archer Joe Fanchin (USA) shot his second final in a row. After his third place at stage 3 in Ogden, he kept his cool and took the top spot this time after a hard fought match. This wasn’t his only gold this tournament as fellow teammates Brady Ellison and Jake Kaminski brought home the gold in the team round.

Brady Ellison the winner of World Cup stages 1, 2 and 3 and fellow Hoyt Pro Staffer, Khatuna Lorig won gold for the USA in the recurve mixed team.

In the recurve women individual Berengere Schuh (FRA) took the silver medal.  Schuh came back strong this year after struggling with a shoulder injury at the beginning of the outdoor season.

The compound woman individual and team round competitions were a complete Hoyt showdown. The bronze final was between Laura Longo (ITA) and Danielle Brown (GBR). In what seemed to be a tight match at the start, Longo managed to haul in the bronze with a four point difference in the end. The gold final between was between USA teammates Jamie Van Natta and Erika Anschutz, surprisingly ever since the world cup started in 2006, these two athletes have never shot against each other. In their first World Cup head-to-head match Van Natta walked away with the victory beating Anschutz 145 to 143. In the team rounds, the USA women took gold, Russia, with two-time individual world champion Albina Loginova, won silver and the women from the Philippines won the bronze.

The Compound men individual was the domain of Reo”The Honey Badger” Wilde (USA). Reo won the gold in style with a perfect match, scoring 150 points. Reo’s win also solidified his spot for the World Cup Grand Finals. Angel Ramirez (MEX) won the bronze medal over Logan Wilde (USA).

The compound mixed team was dominated by Hoyt shooters. The gold went to team Mexico, Ochoa/Alvarado; silver went to the French team of Lebecque/Deloche and bronze for USA’s Van Natta and the winner of the first three World Cup stages, Rodger Willet Jr.

Stay tuned on hoyt.com and www.archery.org as the world's finest compete at the World Cup Grand final in Instanbul, Turkey on September 24th and 25th.

Hoyt wishes to congratulate all athletes with their outstanding performance.

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