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ATA show 2011

ATA show 2011

Team Hoyt


The most-anticipated archery industry event for 2011 has come and gone, and with cutting edge technologies, the highest quality products, and the best service in the industry, once again Hoyt has dominated at the annual ATA Show.  Thousands of archery dealers from around the globe converged on Indianapolis, Indiana, for the 2011 edition of this massive industry-leading showcase, lining up all three days to get their hands on and shoot the latest in Hoyt technology- the undisputed hits of the 2011 show- the all-new, Hoyt Carbon Element and CRX compound bows.

Hoyt’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Mike Luper, called the show an “enormous success – perhaps our most successful ATA show ever.”  Marketing Manager Jeremy Eldredge said, “This year, we reconfigured our show booth to integrate the ever-popular shooting lanes and provide more room for the crowds.  This made it even easier for dealers to get their hands on our latest technology and shoot it for themselves, while literally being a few steps from the ear of company president Randy Walk for questions and comments”

Hoyt President Randy Walk commented, “It was another busy ATA Show that is for sure. This show is such a great opportunity for us to meet with and discuss archery with the most dialed-in archery dealers in the world. It really is amazing that the show keeps getting bigger and better every year.  I think it’s a great sign of the vitality of the archery industry.”

See the all-new, 2011 Hoyt lineup at a Hoyt dealer today, and find out why Carbon Element and CRX were the talk of the 2011 ATA Show!

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