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Formula takes more gold at Euro Outdoor

Formula takes more gold at Euro Outdoor

Formula shooters take 5 Gold Medals


Rovereto, ITA

Hoyt’s unstoppable Formula for success continued this week at the European Outdoor in Italy.

Hoyt’s staff shooters Marco Galiazzo (ITA) and Simon Terry (GBR) battled it out to the last X in qualification at the European Outdoor, and when the dust finally settled, Marco and his blue Formula RX/F4 took first place on the leader board.  Markiyan Ivashko (UKR) and his Hoyt recurve took the men’s bronze medal as well.

Formula shooters took 6 of the top 10 women’s and 6 of the top 10 men’s qualifiying slots in Rovereto in the double-70 round. 

The all-Formula German men's team of World Champion Sebastian Roherberg, Florian Floto and  Rafael Poppenborg dominated Italy to take the gold 206-197 totally dominated the gold medal match against Italy, taking a decisive 206-197 victory.  Hoyt's Marco Galiazzo and Ilario Di Buo joined for the silver medal.

And, in the mixed team competition, it was yet another incredible Formula sweep, and revenge for the Italian side, with the all-Formula Italian team of Marco Galiazzo and Natalia Valeeva defeating the all-Formula German team of Elena Richter and Sebastian Roherberg for the gold medal.  The bronze went to Team Hoyt's Charlotte Burgess and Simon Terry (GBR).

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