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Formula Sets Another Record!

Formula Sets Another Record!

by Team Hoyt


Highest Score Ever in Canada!

Hoyt’s Jay Lyon (CAN), Canadian Olympian, has set yet another huge milestone record with his new Formula RX/F4, coming within a point of the men’s FITA Indoor World Record and eclipsing the new Canadian record he set just last week.
In STAR FITA competition in Winnipeg, Jay racked up a huge score of 596, demolishing his previous record by three points!
As Jay tells it, “I opened up my first 298 with X-X-X and said to myself, 'This feels good. Straight pounding today.' I then proceeded to shoot a 120 then 180 before dropping my first 9. The next 9 came on the 9th end. I finished with 298 16X. I changed my target and I was back at it again, this time opening up with X-X-X and X-X-X. Definite smoke-show. After the 6 X opening though, I shot a 9 and didn't do so again until my last end to finish with another 298, but with 11Xs." 
"For two weekends in a row, I was able to break the Canadian Record - last weekend with a 593, this weekend with a 596. I owe a lot of this to Hoyt's ingenious engineers who created the Formula System. It's by far the greatest bow I have ever shot! “
From all of us at Team Hoyt, congratulations Jay!
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