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Stanslawski Open. Hoyt Shooters Drive It Home

Stanslawski Open. Hoyt Shooters Drive It Home


NFAA Stanslawski Open 2007
Pittsburgh, PA

Josh Schaff and Keith Trail displayed the incredible pinpoint accuracy of their Hoyt bows as they battled to clinch the win of a new 2007 Ford Mustang. As the last arrow was shot the crowd of spectators erupted and Josh was crowned the victor. Josh’s weekend was not complete there, he went on to finish the Compound Unlimited Male Championship division with an exceptional second place. With another fellow Hoyt pro joining the podium Jesse Broadwater placed third.

In the Compound Unlimited Female Championship division there were three of Hoyt’s pro shooters that claimed the podium. The familiar faces of Erika Anshutz placing first, Jamie Van Natta placing second and last years champion Tiffany Reeves finishing up in third. With Erika’s first place wins at Louisville and Pittsburgh and Mary Hamm’s win in Vegas wrapped a Hoyt clean sweep in the NFAA 3 star tour.

Hoyt shooters claimed the top two spots of the Freestyle Limited Compound Championship division. Rick Hunsinger taking top honors with Hoyt pro Jeff Fabry placing second.

There was a lot of excitement and nervous apprehension as archer’s shot against each other in the new novelty round. With only the top 32 archers from the qualifying round, Hoyt pro Braden Gellenthien calmly shot his way to a first place finish with Hoyt pro Logan Wilde finishing in third.

Hoyt would like to congratulate all of the shooters that participated in the Stanslawski Open. We would also like to thank all of the staff that helped put on the NFAA 3 star tour.

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