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Team Hoyt continues to dominate World Cup circuit

Team Hoyt continues to dominate World Cup circuit


Hoyt shooters take 5 of 6 medals at first leg of 2007 World Cup Circuit
Ulsan, KOREA

Hoyt shooters utterly dominated last year’s World Cup circuit with 8 out of 8 finalist slots won by Team Hoyt members, and the hotly contested 2007 World Cup circuit looks to be on the path to a similar result.

Hoyt’s Jorge Jimenez (ESA) took his first World Cup gold medal in the first leg event in Ulsan, Korea. Hoyt’s Fred Van Zutphen (NED) defeated fellow Team Hoyt member Logan Wilde (USA) for the bronze medal.

In Women’s compound it was a rematch of the dramatic women’s final from last year, with Sofia Goncharova (RUS) battling her teammate Anna Kansantseva (RUS) once again- and when the dust settled it was Anna overcoming Sofia for the gold. Bronze was won by Hoyt shooter Foury Akadiani Kusumaniah (INA)

The 2007 World Cup circuit has three more legs remaining, with competitions in Italy, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and a spectacular finals planned for Dubai in the fall. So far, Team Hoyt compound shooters have captured 90% of the points toward the finals.

Photo: Jorge Jiminez takes aim in Ulsan
Photo credit: Dean Alberga, FITA

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