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2012 World Cup Season Preview


2012 World Cup Season Preview
12/07/2011 » World Archery Olympic commentator, world field archer, and Hoyt engineer George Tekmitchov previews...
George Tekmitchov

New Recurve Stabilization Trends

New Recurve Stabilization Trends
3/08/2011 » Change in the wind?
George Tekmitchov

Blind Archer Takes Aim!

Blind Archer Takes Aim!
1/17/2011 » 

team hoyt

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Hoyt's new Formula Series- The Details
10/19/2009 » Hoyt's most advanced design ever
Team Hoyt

Get the point!
7/28/2009 » Technical tips on getting your arrows to stay together
George Tekmitchov

Hoyt Shooters Win Big in Vegas!
2/10/2009 » Team Hoyt Triumphs at NFAA World Archery Festival
by Team Hoyt

Love at first shot: Team Hoyt sounds off on the new 990TX recurve limb and GMX riser
12/04/2008 » Rave reviews about accuracy and feel

What arrow should I choose for indoor season?
11/19/2008 » Is it time to try fat carbons? Or should you stick to time-tested aluminum? George Tekmitchov...
George Tekmitchov

100 Wins and counting for Hoyt's Cam & 1/2!
7/03/2008 » 

With yet another string of recent victories across the globe, Team Hoyt has eclipsed an...

Selecting your recurve sight aperture
5/23/2008 » The right aperture can make a big difference
George Tekmitchov

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