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Hoyt Unveils 2010 Bow Lineup!

Team Hoyt


Carbon Matrix, Maxxis & Formula Recurve headline Hoyt's most revolutionary product launch ever!

Ogden, UTAH USA, October 15, 2009

The wait is over! We’ve kicked off our 2010 product launch in the home of the 2010 Archery World Cup to a packed theatre of archery industry representatives and team members. With the biggest new product kickoff in Hoyt’s 79-year history, we’ve shocked the industry with the launch of our all-new Carbon Matrix compound bow. Carbon Matrix features an incredibly light construction, which, amazingly, totally absorbs vibration and - as participants saw - has the strength and toughness to withstand Hoyt’s legendary dry-fire torture tests and to also withstand being run over by a truck - on an asphalt surface!

The participants were also treated to the introduction of the much-anticipated Maxxis series, our flagship bows for 2010. Some said it would be impossible to top the AlphaMax. Our engineers didn’t listen. Undoubtedly the top hunting compounds for 2010, Maxxis 31 and 35 mark a radical advancement in Hoyt engineering and performance. Featuring all-new XTS-ARC limb technology, a patent-pending In-Line roller cable guard, an exquisitely sculpted, lightweight, high-strength riser, and blistering but silent performance, Maxxis dominates the archery world with unheard of standards of perfectly-balanced design and smooth-shooting consistency.

With the theme of blazing speed with total accuracy, our introduction of the all-new AlphaBurner speed bow changes the rules for that category. Light and balanced with a smooth draw, AlphaBurner offers a true spec 340 IBO speed with greatly enhanced shootability, accuracy and comfort over existing speed bows.

We’ve also demonstrated our total commitment to all archery categories with the new, female-focused Vicki Cianciarulo Signature Vicxen. This 33” powerhouse is optimized with high performance limbs, a super-light TEC LITE riser, Cam & 1/2 Plus technology and a custom grip. The target market enjoys similar focused attention from Hoyt with the introduction of the all new Contender and Contender Elite bows. These target tack-drivers trace their heritage to the legendary Ultra Elite and Ultra Tec series. Contender and Contender Elite join the Vantage and world-record setting Vantage Pro in the line.

Hoyt Olympic recurves are dominant worldwide. For 2010, we’ve shattered previous expectations for this category with the all-new Formula Series. Using a new limb attachment system that augments shootability and accuracy, the Formula RX riser is like no other - and the accompanying all-new Formula F4 carbon foam and F3 carbon wood limbs push performance to new heights.

At Hoyt, we don’t just talk about innovation. We define it. The entire 2010 Hoyt product line represents our relentless drive and dedication to building the absolute best bows in the world. Visit the newly-redesigned Hoyt.com today to learn all about the 2010 lineup, and visit your local Hoyt dealer to get your hands on the most innovative, ground-breaking, industry-advancing, best performing bows in the world!

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