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Introducing the 2009 Hoyt AlphaMax!

Team Hoyt


Team Hoyt's Ralph Cianciarulo uses Hoyt's all-new, ultra-light, super tough bow to tag heavy-horned North Dakota bruiser!

When Hoyt Pro Staffer Ralph Cianciarulo recently found a box from Hoyt on his front porch, he knew right away his season was about to get exciting.

"When I opened the box and saw the new AlphaMax, I was more than a little excited," Ralph said. "And when I got my hands on the bow, my first thought was, ‘HOLY COW!’"

"Hoyt really listened to everybody on this one," Ralph said. "Treestand bowhunters in the East and Western bowhunters alike will love this bow. AlphaMax offers exactly what bowhunters and dealers have been begging for … speed, lightweight design, modular adjustment, unbeatable toughness … it’s truly the total package. Hoyt’s engineers have hit a home run with the AlphaMax!"

It’s easy to understand Ralph’s excitement. With a radical new design and a complete overhaul from cam to cam, the 2009 AlphaMax is a bowhunter’s dream come true. Weighing only 3.9 lbs. and featuring new cam, riser, limb and pocket technologies, AlphaMax is undoubtedly Hoyt’s lightest, toughest, best-performing bow ever.

Ralph and his wife Vicki – two of Team Hoyt’s most notable Pro Staffers – had precious little time to get their new bows dialed in before a much-anticipated North Dakota whitetail hunt with Double B Outfitters (www.doubleboutfitters.com)

"We ripped open the boxes and got to work," Vicki said. "The bows quickly tuned without issue, and they shot phenomenally well. They’re SO quiet! The bow is just dead in your hands. You really can’t describe it. You just have to shoot it for yourself to experience how unbelievably quiet AlphaMax is."

Ralph didn’t waste any time recording one of AlphaMax’s first kills. Just days ago – right after arriving in North Dakota – he found success in the form of a huge-bodied, heavy-horned 11-pointer that tipped the scales at over 250 lbs. The hunt will be featured on an upcoming episode of Ralph and Vicki’s "Archer’s Choice" TV show, which airs on The Outdoor Channel. For more information on Ralph and Vicki, be sure to visit www.archerschoice.com

Ralph and Vicki are still in camp in North Dakota, and Vicki and her AlphaMax are on a quest to fill her tag before the hunt comes to an end.

Stay tuned to Hoyt.com for more late-breaking details and photos from Ralph and Vicki’s hunt, and read on to learn more about the 2009 Hoyt AlphaMax – the new bow from Hoyt that everyone is talking about …


Engineered to give serious bowhunters everything they need to stack the odds in their favor, the new-for-2009 Hoyt AlphaMax combines radical, lightweight design, dynamic innovation, and rock-solid, lightning fast, super-tough performance like no other bow in its class.

The result of Hoyt’s passion for flawless design and aggressive research and development, every innovative inch of the AlphaMax 32 is meticulously engineered for maximum performance, toughness and durability. Hoyt’s premiere 2009 hunting compound offers an unbeatable mix of industry-leading new technologies. Weighing in at a mere 3.9 lbs., AlphaMax 32 comes standard with Hoyt’s brand new, lightweight, tough-as-nails TEC-LITE Riser, the dynamic new modular-adjustable XTR Cam & 1/2 Performance System, the revolutionary Zero Tolerance Locking Pocket System (ZT Lock), and ultra-light, 5 Layer Laminated, Parallel Split Limbs.

Built to survive Hoyt’s rigorous testing standard of 1,500 dry-fires, TEC LITE risers are a marvel of modern technology. They’re incredibly lightweight without sacrificing an ounce of strength and durability. The XTR Cam & 1/2 Performance System powers AlphaMax 32 with exceptional smoothness, unrivaled knockdown power and simple modular draw length adjustment without sacrificing speed or kinetic energy. And at 5/8” wide, the new XTS Limbs are Hoyt’s lightest, leanest, toughest limb design ever. Built to withstand a minimum 1,000 dry-fires (at 80 lbs. draw weight and 30” draw length), XTS Limbs exemplify Hoyt’s relentless pursuit for the perfect bow. Hoyt’s new ZT Lock offers the most superior riser-to-limb connection on the market directly linking the limbs to the riser and creating Hoyt’s tightest, toughest, lightest pocket design ever.

AlphaMax 35 offers the same unbeatable mix of industry-leading innovation, custom engineering and pro performance as the AlphaMax 32, but in a longer, 35” axle-to-axle version.

AlphaMax 32 and AlphaMax 35 are available in three stylish color options: Realtree APG HD, Black Out and Realtree APG HD/Black Out (black riser with camo limbs).

Visit your local Hoyt dealer to experience the power, innovation and performance of the all-new, made-in-the-USA Hoyt AlphaMax series.


Model Axle-to-Axle Brace Height Mass Weight Draw Length Draw Weight Speed
AlphaMax 32 32" 7" 3.9 lbs. 26-30"
(1/2" increments)
321 fps
(+/- 2 fps)
AlphaMax 35 35" 7" 4.1 lbs. 27-31"
(1/2" increments)
316 fps
(+/- 2 fps)




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