What better way to outfit your rig than with a complete mix of accessories tailored specifically to your Hoyt? Stylish and effective, Hoyt Custom Accessories up your game without weighing you down.

Hoyt Custom Accessories


Whether you're on the shinkansen bound for Tsumagoi, in a taxicab in Caracas, or hiking from the parking lot to the range in Paris, a Hoyt recurve backpack is the ultimate in easy transport and refined organization of all your gear. With multiple part and accessory pockets, a weatherproof cover, comfortable lumbar pad and sternum strap, padded interior pouches for limbs and riser, and dozens of other features, the Hoyt Recurve Backpack is just the ticket for the archer on the move.

Hoyt Custom Accessories


Experienced archers know that the safest way to string a recurve bow is with a bow stringer. Hoyt redefines the genre with our new Competition recurve stringer. Advanced polymers and strong parachute cord merge into the ideal and safe tool to string any recurve bow.

Hoyt Recurve Grip Options

The interchangeable grips shown here are compatible with the following Hoyt risers: Eclipse, Excel, Helix, Nexus, GMX, Formula RX.

Ortho Grip

Modeled after the custom grips used by several of the world’s top shooters, the Ortho Grip is intended for adherents to modern shooting techniques developed by top Korean and American coaches in recent years. With a highly distinctive pressure point and slim throat, the Ortho Grip is optimized for experienced shooters.

Available in left or right hand, in top-grade rosewood only.

Ergo Grip

This grip comes standard on all Hoyt Nexus and Helix risers. The Ergo grip was developed after years of research to provide a more relaxed bowhand and more consistent hand placement. The slim throat of the Ergo grip provides for a low-torque comfortable grip engagement no matter how small or large your hand may be. The Ergo grip is designed to optimize the true pressure point on the grip for optimal synchronization with the pressure point between the arrow shaft and cushion plunger. This provides for less potential variation at the moment of release.

Available in left or right hand, in ABS plastic or top-grade rosewood.

Formula High Wrist Grip

Hoyt's new Formula High Wrist grip adapts aspects of the unique sloped engagement surface of the Ortho grip in a considerably narrower, slightly higher wrist configuration. Modeled after the grip preferences of, and approved by, some of the world's top archers. Available in left or right hand, laminated wood only.